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Hello - I'm Anne-Marie. I'm a florist and flower grower based in Kirkburton near Huddersfield. I offer bespoke flowers for all occasions including wedding flowers, gifts and corporate arrangements. I have a passion for British grown flowers and love to use them wherever possible. I grow my own flowers on a small scale in my mainly woodland garden and my little cutting garden. I'm also a wildlife and bee friendly gardener - so all my flowers are grown with no pesticide or herbicide treatments. We keep bees, so I also occasionally have our own honey for sale too. I love wild, hand-picked styles, wildflowers, dahlias, peonies and roses - well, honestly, I just love all flowers and usually have a new favourite every day! I encourage anyone considering buying flowers to shop local and to always go for the 'grown not flown' because they are so much better for our environment. Flowers with local provenance invariably have more character, are available in the more unusual or heritage varieties and they often have a far more delicious scent than flowers imported from far-flung places. I also think we should celebrate the seasonality of flowers and enjoy buying what is available naturally at different times of the year. Where I can't supply a particular flower or greenery, I will often source from other local flower growers. However, for the purpose of honesty and clarity, I must point out that I also work with imported Dutch flowers through the winter months and when customers ask for something that I cannot source locally. If you are looking for 100% British grown, please remember to ask for this when you call or place an order. I will let you know what British flowers I have available. If you would like to buy seasonal local flowers, or would just like more information about my services, please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you. x