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Stories from the Flower Farmers’ Big Weekend

Rozanne Delamore of The Ledbury Flower Farmer shares her stories from the Flower Farmers’ Big Weekend over the past three years, charting the growth of her business and everything she gains from welcoming people into her growing space.

Rozanne Delamore of The Ledbury Flower Farmer holding two stunning bouquets of her flowers against the rural backdrop of her flower farm

My first experience of the Flower Farmers’ Big Weekend was in 2020, before I had even sowed my first seed. It was a Covid year and I was glued to social media enjoying online tours of other people’s plots up and down the country.

In 2021 I had my own plot to share, and so did a few tours and made posies for people to take home. I loved the enthusiasm of my visitors, with lots of questions answered and learning on both sides. I was asked by Jo Thompson, who runs Wye Valley Flowers just down the road, to speak at her open day, which gave me the perfect excuse to join in with one of their tours. I also had the opportunity to hear Shanna from nearby Harebell and Bee talk about her wealth of experience with drying and pressing flowers. All this was followed by a delicious cream tea.

This year my Big Weekend was a lot bigger. On Friday I spoke at my local flower club about the different crops and varieties I’m growing this season, as well as some of my growing methods and techniques. I made a hand-tied bouquet, and took some flowers ready to be dried at home as raffle prizes.

On Saturday I gave a tour of my farm, and then a demonstration of a large, sustainable urn arrangement. Sunday saw another tour followed by a hand-tied bouquet demonstration. My tours take about an hour and cover everything from seed saving, sowing and propagating methods to growing and how I sell my flowers.

Chairs and benches set up on a beautiful summer's day for a flower arranging demonstration at The Ledbury Flower Farmer

The scene set for Rozanne’s urn arrangement demonstration as part of this year’s Big Weekend.

I also opened up my new PYO patch for this year’s Big Weekend, which had been my primary growing space in my first season, after which I decided to expand my business and more than doubled my plot. It was lovely to welcome people in from as far a field as Oxford over the weekend to take home a bucket of flowers to arrange in their own time.

After the success of my FFBW tours, I have offered quite a few more this year. I love the interaction with people, and being able to help them grow their own flowers, whether this is in their garden or as part of a new business. Next year I am planning to do some hands-on workshops, and let people wander around the garden and cutting patch in their own time. I always offer tea and cake to be enjoyed on my patio, as well as having some small bouquets on sale for inspiration.

If you find yourself near Ledbury in Herefordshire next year, I would love to welcome you here and show you around. If not, keep an eye on the Events Page of the Flowers from the Farm website to find out what your local grower is doing and when. As an organization we are all about engaging with the public, and spreading the word about local, sustainably grown flowers.

A large urn arrangement in reds and whites by Rozanne Delamore of The Ledbury Flower Farmer

Rozanne’s finished urn arrangement, all seasonal flowers and foliage grown on her Ledbury site.

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